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Favorite district for Erasmus students and dominated by his Holiness the Berghain, Friedrichshain is truly effervescent. At the very east part of Berlin, the longest piece of the Wall ends up there (East side gallery) and you can still see a lot of buildings which have been through hard times. A lots of visitors choose this area to stay, encouraged by the crazy amount of hotels and youth hostels. Restaurants and bars cover most of Friedrichshain and you’ve to go up north to find the quiet atmosphere of a non consumerism area, where squats are still active. It’s a perfect district to relax after a huge round in Berlin. The aera is definitively full of little shops with all styles, so be prepared to go there with a lot of cash. Yeah, because in Berlin, there’s still quite a lot of places where you can’t pay with credit cards.

> Go shopping in Friedrichshain

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