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Top Vintage Garments in Berlin

Sandra and Astrid used to work together as costume designers, mainly for theater and films. For quite a while they thought over the idea to open a 2nd hand shop where they would sell top vintage garments. It turns out they had the opportunity to buy a stock of clothes in very good condition and that was the kick. They first opened a store in Stargarder Strasse (Prenzlauer Berg) in 2009. After one year, they’ve already thought about to launch another one but that was just a far project. Then an opportunity appeared quickly and they were just ready to move faster in this beautiful place in Mitte, Linienstrasse.

2nd hand stores in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

Garments is therefore two 2nd hand shops for women, where each piece, whether it’s clothing, shoes or accessories must be “beautiful AND special”. That’s the criteria fist criteria (besides an excellent condition) to decide whether or not they will take it from people who get in touch with them.

Even if one thing is not your style, you can still find it beautiful and so much beauty creates a very nice feeling around you. Both stores definitely shares the idea of a certain style, a kind of women: exuberant, blazing, challenging and also fun. The Stargarder store have maybe more mainstream brands but also amazing pieces like this vintage Maxmara long black bustier dress in velvet or summer dresses from German vintage labels. Linienstrasse has more dazzling stuffs like lace dresses, colorful wool jumpers, glitters coats or Michael Jackson’s pants. On the shoes side, you better to know how to deal with high heels (and that’s a real challenge in Berlin). In any case, you can check out Garments’ website to have regular samples of what they sell, but the best is always to come by!



  • Address
    Linienstrasse 204-205 - 10437 Berlin
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Category
    2nd Hand & Vintage, Bring & sell, Men, Shoes, Women
  • Location
    Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Tags
    high heels, party dresses, vintage jewels

Other infos

Other infos
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  • Opening hours
    Lun > Sam : 12h > 19h
  • Price range
    50€ / 200€
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Garments Vintage Women
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Garments Vintage Women
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Garments Vintage Women
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