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90’s and more Vintage Shops in Neukölln

Let them eat cake and Oh mini I am are two vintage shops in one space. 

It’s also a nice friendship story between Netta and Karin. Karin is from Sweden and owns the shop Let them eat cake (a reference to Norwegian band Motorpsycho) which offers a wide selection of hand selected vintage pieces. Netta is from Finland and she’s always been a big fan of 90’s vintage. She went into that shop as a customer and they’ve started to chat about their shared passion for vintage. It turns out Karin wanted to rent a part of the space so Netta jumped in and joined. She owns the shop Oh mini I am that is specialized into 90’s vintage. 

90’s Vintage in Berlin

Event if they feature different styles, both shops fits well together. Oh mini I am (a reference to minimalism) offers a big picture of what was trendy in 90’s even though quite a lot of pieces are timeless, like Levi’s Jeans or leather backpacks. Among the basics you’ll still find some very 90’s hints… for instance jeans yes, but bottle green. A trench coat yes but metallic grey. 

Oh Mini I am offers also lots of 90s sport wear and minimalistic basics, including a unisex and men’s section.  You’ll find also shirts with intense patterns, mini skirts and some exciting party wear and cool platform shoes. (Platform shoes are back again by the way)

Carefully selected vintage from 70’s to 90’s

Let them eat cake’s selection is overall more feminine/chic and covers vintage from 70’s to 90’s. You’ll also find a small menswear rack. So the trench coats, some shirts with bold patterns, long dresses and many classy accessories. Everything in both shops are super clean and ironed. You can be sure to find new stuff quite regularly since Karin and Netta are constantly looking for clothes and accessories in Germany and abroad.



Other infos

Other infos
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    Lun > Sam: 13h > 19h
  • Price range
    10€ > 80€
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Let them eat Cake & Oh Mini I am
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Let them eat Cake & Oh Mini I am
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Let them eat Cake & Oh Mini I am
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