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Fair Fashion in Kreuzberg

If you ever tried to look for fair fashion in Berlin, you know how much it’s difficult. We mean sophisticated fashion. Because fair trade goes with environment, you will easily find some hippie style stores but as soon as you look for something a bit more classy and fancy, it’s a true quest. Time is precious and fast fashion temptations is everywhere so we give up and buy things even if we know there’s people who suffered to make this garment. That’s what Sonja’s friends were telling her, when she was thinking about open a new fashion store, but with a meaningful concept. And that’s how Moeon is born. Sonja and her friend Ester opened their store in December 2014 but it’s really active since march. It’s one of the rare address in Berlin, when you can find some sustainable AND fashionable clothes for women, men, some shoes, bags and jewels.

Trendy & Sustainable clothes at Moeon

Sustainable fashion covers a wide range of concepts but all of them share 1 point: it raises questions: Who made your garment? Where? In which conditions? What is the environment print? What covers the price? Where does the money go? If you can answer at least 1 question when buying 1 item, well, it’s already something. At Moeon, some brands answer all those questions, some don’t, but it’s always a step. For instance, Format focuses on local production and timeless garments. Besides those 2, you’ll find brands from all over the world such as Alas (Australia), Tricotage (Denmark), Lifegist (Spain), Veja (France), Haikure (Italy), Moyi Moyi (Sweden), Komana (UK) or Oh My Bag (Netherland). Jewellery is more about Berliner brands, with Idamari or Prima Officina, but not only. Just go and have a look in the lovely Moeon store and you’ll find out it’s possible to wear fair fashion while staying fashionable.


  • Address
    Schönleinstrasse 10 - 10967 Berlin
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    Ethical, Men, Shoes, Women
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  • Opening hours
    Mar > Ven: 11h > 19hh - Sam: 11h > 18h
  • Price range
    40€ > 200€
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