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2nd Hand Shop in Neukölln

With its specific history, Berlin is a gold mine for 2nd hand and vintage shopping. But with the explosion of tourism and markets popping out everywhere, it becomes difficult to know if the clothes you’re buying are genuine or if the price is fair. Among the 2nd hand clothing shops you can trust in Berlin, there’s RepeateR in Neukölln. This shop is actually part of the Paul’s Boutique family. It all started with Franck Radermacher who opened his first 2nd hand shop in the 90’s, when he was looking for an activity which would combine friends, nice clothes, good music and enough money to pay the bills. Since that time, the project got bigger and is now about 4 shops and 1 rent stock for stylists.

American Folk Vintage

RepeateR is the latest shop opened in Neukölln, ran by Julia and it has this american folk touch that works so well those days. Even though everything is bought in Germany, Julia spends a lot of time in Los Angeles where she gets inspiration. That’s why RepeateR is the perfect place to buy some Levis denim shorts (around 20€), plaid shirts (15€ – 40€), silk tops (around 15€), flower dresses (around 25€), leather belts, 70’s embroidered blouses or leather jackets (around 40/50€). In the back, you’ll find leather shoes and boots (30€/50€) and a lot of Vans and Converses (20€/40€). For men and women, RepeateR sells a wide carefully selected range of garments, from the 70’s to the 90’s, all washed and in a very good condition, so part of the prices are reflecting this work done for you. you’ll also find a small corner of friends shops such as Cheap Monday or Monki. Reapeater and Paul’s boutique family shops are also famous for the cult toys the owner is collecting but don’t dream, those are not for sale.



Other infos

Other infos
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  • Opening hours
    Lun > Sam: 12h > 20h
  • Price range
    10€ > 150€
  • Visa


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