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Upcycle and handmade fashion in Neukölln

Shio is a lovely designer’s shop located in Neukölln, opened originally by Kate Pinkstone, a designer from Australia. You can buy her collection for women: minimalist, timeless and slightly sporty clothing, developed into shades easy to wear. Kate also works everyday to create some unique upcycling garments that she first picks up in flea markets all over Berlin. Some interesting patterns or fabrics catch her eyes and she works on it to give it the right cut or the right twist to make it modern. In that way you have something totally unique with a designer touch for a very soft price.

4 local Designers in 1 Shop

In 2016 Shio store changed a bit its concept, becoming a shared studio and store for 4 designers:

Kate herself (SHIO LABEL + SHIO UPCYCLED): The Shio Label is quality, handmade everyday wear using natural fibres and clean design lines with a strong focus on slow fashion and timeless shapes. Shio Upcycled is altered second-hand garments. Breathing new life into dated pieces.

Treches – Treches explores gender identities and abstraction on the body using graphic shapes. The Berlin streetwear label has been using sustainable fabrics since it’s launch in 2008. 

Pulp – Pulp was founded from a deep respect for the craft of Japanese Paper Making. Operating as a binding studio while also offering workshops hand crafting books, boxes, and other objects. 

Pastperfekt – A design project that believes in giving new lives to object that are no longer being used. The works materials ranges from fabric and wood to metal and glass to create furniture, lamps, jewellery, scarves and other unexplored possibilities.




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Other infos
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  • Opening hours
    Lun > Sam: 13h > 19h
  • Price range
    20€ /100€
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