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German Vintage Store in Berlin-Mitte

Stiefelkombinat-Berlin is a real institution when it comes about vintage in Berlin. It’s a GeThe last shop they opened in 2016, stands in a wide and high space which used to be an antic shop. Stiefelkombinat, genuine vintage in Mitte, offers a tremendous stock of garments from all times, with a special focus on clothes from 30s to 90s and many from DDR. On the left wall, going from the ground up to the ceiling is several racks of women garments, with a lot of super original patterns. Fashion is an eternal renewal and thanks to that you’ll find easily some trendy pieces. Currently, little skirts with floral patterns, short cut denims, cropped tops, leather jackets and many more. They also have an amazing selection of vintage dresses, in perfect shape and beautiful fabrics, colors and patterns.

Vintage Leather Boots in Berlin

In the name Stiefelkombinat-Berlin, there’s “Stiefel”, which means boots and that’s actually what they were selling in the first place. Leather boots from 60’s and 90’s are basic vintage buying and there’s hundreds there. For an average price between 30 or 95 euros, you’ll get all the styles and size possible. The shop also offer a large selection for men: shirts, coats, denims, shorts. A couple of vintage furniture is also available.

Famous Vintage Store in Berlin

Stiefelkombinat-Berlin is a family story, Juliane works with her father since 2007. The had several shops for men, women and shoes, as well as furniture. They closed all of the shops for a while but were still selling clothes and furniture on ebay, where they’ve always been selling a lot. Regular customers from everywhere were missing the place so they reopened one in Torstrasse. You can still buy on ebay and even ask to try one the garments in the shop.




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