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Quality Second Hand Clothes in Neukölln

The Good Store, a quality second hand clothes shop, gives a really interesting preview about how appearances can be tricky. Which is kind of amusing if we talk about a fashion store. So here is the thing: from outside, The Good Store shows all the signs of a very sophisticated AND pricy store. Sophisticated it is indeed, with its pure white walls, tropical flowers and graphic displaying cubes. And there is also some pricy brands actually, such as A.P.C, Acne, Prada, Chloé, Jil Sander and even the magnificent Yves Saint Laurent. But it’s not pricy, because everything is second hand. It might be a regular problem with 2nd hand shops, some owners get confused with “already used” and “trash”. There’s 2 categories of second-hand stores: the bazaar style, with everything sold for 1€ and some no shape clothes which smell like an old attic and address, where the garments are fresh, clean and carefully selected. The Good Store is one of them.

Bring and sell your fancy clothes at the Good Store

You, me, everybody can just drop by the Good Store and ask Gerda if she’s ok to take your clothes. She’ll just ask for good conditions and seasonal outfits, but says she’s not picky with labels. What makes The Good Store a quality second hand clothes shop is Gerda’s skill to match things. As a matter of fact, you’ll find on the displays, H&M next to Moschino. 50/50, that’s the deal! The Good Store is also selling some young brands, like for instance, bags from the Atelier Alisa Besirevic, or some Jewelry from Kiki Dieterle, both based in Berlin. In any case, don’t hesitate to ask advices to Gerda, because what you see in the shop is nothing compare to all the stock she has. You can also see more on the Good Store‘s website.


  • Address
    Pannierstrasse 31 - 12047 Berlin
  • Website
  • Category
    2nd Hand & Vintage, Bring & sell, Men, Shoes, Women
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  • Tags
    2nd hand, Accessories, Bags, Jewellery

Other infos

Other infos
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  • Opening hours
    Mon > sat: 12 > 8pm
  • Price range
    15€ - 180€
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The Good Store
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The Good Store
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The Good Store
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