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You know fast fashion is bad. You know most of high street brands are fast fashion but you don’t know where to go to buy Berlin sustainable fashion, ecological brands or organic garments. There’s however many international ethical fashion labels and most of them have an online-shop. But since you are ready to spend money in fashion in a more smart way, why don’t you grab this opportunity to also help local shops in Berlin to grow? You’ll find below a list of fashion brands, for women, men and kids, for clothing, accessories, shoes or jewels, available in a wide number of nice stores in Berlin.

Ethical, sustainable, fair trade, ecological, green… so many words used by so many companies, NGO’s, medias and people, makes very difficult to know if you actually buy the right item when it comes to fashion. Green-washing is getting trendy and many companies are presenting themselves as sustainable, but it’s in fact a principle which doesn’t apply to them. Some fashion brands got labels from NGO’s, such as GOTS, Fair Trade or Oeko-tex but even those have limits.

Here we’ve made choices, which require some explanations:

Ethical: This is our general category for all fashion brands who make an effort, even if it’s a small one. Because it’s better than nothing and it’s a start for improvements. Therefore, all the labels below are somewhat ethical.

Sustainable: has reached a balance between customers, workers and environment, which means the company will grow in the long term scales with a minimal footprint and social benefits improvement. The best.

Fair trade: is focused on labour conditions, manufacturing, social rights for workers and consequences on their direct environment.

Organic: focused on natural fabrics and materials, growing with a minimum ecological impact, for plants, soils and animals.

Local: locally produced. In this category, there’s for instance many european brands who produce in Europe but not always in their country. We don’t present them as “Local”, even though because of labour laws and workers rights, it’s still better to produce in Europe than in Asia.

Responsible: far away to fill the criteria to be a sustainable brand, those are company which understand things need to be changed for a more responsible fashion industry and start to do efforts.



1979 is a German bathing suits brand. Produced locally in Berlin. All fabrics from Europe, Oekotex certified.

Where to find 1979 bathing suits?


Swedish brand based in Stockholm. Men and women ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and denim. Made in China & Europe, part of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2008. Make efforts for more transparency.

Where to find Acne Studio?



Sidney based sleepwear and loungewear brand, entirely made of organic cotton. Produced in India with chemical free dying and recycling packaging.

Where to find Alas?



Jewellery brand from UK, based in London. All jewels handmade in London and Birmingham.

Where to find Alex Monroe?



Aiayu is a sustainable knitting wear and home label based in Danemark. The fully transparent supply chain has its roots in Peru, where they produce garments and items out of Llamas fibers.

Where to find Aiayu?



Atelier Awash is an Italian brand based in the north east part of the country. They create timeless men garments, mainly shirts in organic cotton with original patterns, all locally produced.

Where to find Atelier Awash?



August is a german brand, founded by 2 designers: Magdalena Kohler and Josephin Thomas. They create 2 casual menswear collections per year, including shirts, sweaters, blousons, bags and accessories. In 2015, they produced their first women garments.

Where to find August?



Armedangels is a german fair fashion brand based in Köln. They produce clothes for women & men with organic materials and in sustainable conditions. It’s one of the most successful eco brand in Germany.

Where to find Armedangels?


Fair Trade

Bhalo is an Australian fair trade and ethical brand for women, several times awarded. Everything is handmade and produced within one community based in Bangladesh. The label is keen to help consumers to know about what they buy and offers precise informations about every garments they sell and people who made it.

Where to find Bhalo? 



Bleed is a German label founded in 2010. The name means nobody, no animals and nothing has had to suffer to create their clothes. It’s run by a small team of sport addicts who has tested themselves all the garments they sell. Bleed is a sportwear and streetwear brand producing 100% organic and fair fashion.



Barbara Munsel is a fashion designer from Netherlands. Through her career, she experienced different types of creation: costumes, textiles for decoration, bridal or recycling. She now presents her collection for women twice a year in Paris and keep a sustainable process, with zero-waste technics, using natural, organic or ecologic fabrics and handmade prints with water ink.

Where to find Barbara Munsel?



Céline Heiligenstein is a french jewels designer who launched her own label in 2013: CelineH2O. Inspired by many travels, she uses a wide range of material to create original pieces, mixing with style ethnic and tackiness.

Where to find CelineH2O?



Delicatelove is a fashion label for women from Netherlands. Producing timeless and beautiful garments with good quality, the brand is also known for its cashmere and knitted pieces. It’s all produced in the factory they own in Madagascar, where they make sure all the labour conditions fits for a sustainable production.

Where to find Delicatelove?


Organic & Local

Do You Green is a french brand, producing underwear in… wood! Or kind of, since the garments are made of pines fibers, a substance which requires very few amount of water to grow, compare to cotton. It’s all made in France and the company uses OEKOTEX inks.

Where to find Do You Green? 



Customised by Pfeifer is Jutta Pfeifer’s fashion label. Based in Berlin, she produces very feminine and dramatic pieces, that she sells with other european brands in her cute shop in Neukölln, Kaufladen.



Format is a german fashion label, based in Kreuzberg and launched in 2008 by Mareike Ulman. For women and men, Format creates garments with minimalist cut in intense colors, conceived as a highlighter for the person who wear it. The production is based in Berlin and in Poland, with GOTS cotton, long lasting fabrics and timeless shapes.

Where to find Format? 



Good Society is a sustainable denims label, founded in US, based in Germany and producing in Italy. The brand provides 100% organic cotton denims which are also 100% made in Italy by local manufacturers.

Where to find Good Society? 



Haikure is an Italian denims label 100% made in Italy and sustainable in many aspects: fabrics and process, transparency, labor conditions. They are  specifically creative about fabrics, using organic cotton but also hemp and Lyocell or even recycled plastic bottles.

Where to find Haikure?



Jan’n June is a german sustainable fashion label founded in 2013 by Jula and Anna, 2 friends who, following their principles in private life, decided to create their own brand of green fashion, but in black. They believe it’s possible to have both ecologic and trendy fashion, for a real fair price and thanks to them, it’s indeed possible. They produce in a family factory in Poland, fabrics are certified organic and come from Turkey or India.

Where to find Jan’nJune?



Jux Studio is a Dutch fashion label for women and men, run by Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink. Jux (means “joke” in German) is willing to mix a beautiful fashion with some fair and sustainable process. The founder spent 5 years in Nepal to set up the factory which produces the collection.

Where to find Jux Studio?



Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a danish ecological fashion brand for men. Fact rare enough to be mentioned. It’s also a long family story, drove by the willing to produce some timeless and high quality garments, in a casual but yet classy style. They offer all kind of clothing, from denims to underwear or jackets, including 100% organic cotton garments.

Where to find Knowledge Cotton Apparel?


Organic & Fair Trade

Komana is a fashion label for women, known for its very original patterns and prints. The brand has been founded by 2 sisters from Switzerland and is based in London. Inspired by art, music, victorian or tribal aesthetics, they believe in a beautiful and fair fashion. They produce in London and in Jaipur in India where each step of the process is socially fair and environment friendly.

Where to find Komana?



Les Racines du Ciel is a french fashion label for women. It’s also a book, by famous french author Romain Gary (english title: “The Roots of Heaven”), which is a manifesto for ecology. Such a name reflects the commitment of the founders, for a fair fashion and timeless garments in organic fabrics. Their idea of the business it to gather different skills from all over the world and to fairly share the profits.

Where to find les Racines du Ciel?



Minimum is a danish fashion label for men and women launched in 1997. Their statement is to produce high quality clothes, easy to wear and always at affordable prices. Without being properly speaking a sustainable brand, they do have concerns about decent labour conditions and provide a code of conduct to their partners.

Where to find Minimum?



Mysuro is the name of Susanne Rottnick’s label. She’s a Berliner fashion designer who create everything by herself in her atelier in Kreuzberg. Mysuro style is recognizable with simple and feminine cut in deep colors jersey.

Where to find Mysuro?



Moyi Moyi is a bags and accessories brand, founded by Jenny Nordlöw. She travelled a lot in Nigeria and Ethiopia where she met some talented craftsmen. From this encounter is born Moyi Moyi, a partnership between Scandinavian design and African crafts. The leather used is vegetal or half vegetal tanned (without chromium) and the label grows a fair relationship with its partners.

Where to find Moyi Moyi?


Fair trade

Noa Noa is a Danish fashion brand for women, kids and babies. Brothers Holstein founded it in 1981 and the company has grew pretty big since, with 160 stores over the world and many retailers. They work with different factories where they apply the BSCI code of conduct for better labour conditions. 

Where to find Noa Noa? 


Fair Trade

O My Bag is a label based in Netherlands, which produces bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories in eco-leather fairly made in India. They work permanently with the same partners and grow together. They won in 2015 the Sustainable Leather Award.

Where to find O My Bag? 



Olow is a french fashion brand for men, launched in 2006 by 2 friends: Matthieu Sorosina and Valentin Porcher. The Olow style is simple, essential and graphic, thanks to numerous collaborations with young artists from all over the world. They work with 3 family factories located in Portugal and make sure the labour conditions are at their best.

Where to find Olow?



Opus is a big fashion brand for women, owned by Simplicity trade GmbH, a fashion company based in Netherlands. They also sells under the name Someday. Simplicity applies in its business the Code of Conduct for fashion Industry edited by the Confederation of German Textile and Fashion Industry. They produce most of their products in Europe and visit regularly their factories to keep transparency.

Where to find Opus?



Pyrrha is a jewels brand, founded by Wade and Danielle, after they met in Vancouver in 1993. They developed an original and sustainable collection, using some old wax seals. They use only reclaimed metal, biodegradable inks and recycle everything they can. They also are B Corporation certified, a community who uses “the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.

Where to find Pyrrha? 


Fair Trade & Recycling

Simon Ese is a fashion brand for women and men launched in 2011 as a collaboration between Munich and Mexico. They produce there and use leftover of high quality fabrics whenever it’s possible while trying to reach a zero waste process. They also use part of their profits for social art projects and make sure each coworker is involved in the company’s benefits.

Where to find Simon Ese? 



Slack London is the only shoes manufacture located in London, Notting Hill, where everything is made with love by highly skilled shoemakers. it all started in the 70’s, when Tim and Fiona Slack launched their own brand, Walkers, with the idea of revisiting classics english shoes with fancy colors. At Slack London, you can made to order the shoes of your dreams, among a big range of fabrics and colors.

Where to find Slack London?



Slowmo is a fully organic fashion label for men and women, founded in Berlin in 2006 by sisters Moss. They have chosen to apply sustainable principles at every stages of the production, following those principles also in private life. They produce in Germany with fair conditions for the workers and stand for a urban style with nature spirit.

Where to find Slowmo?



Ten Points is a Swedish shoes brand, for men and women, founded in 1983. They took the anti fast fashion path, making each pair of shoes handmade in Europe. They use vegetable tanned leather and create timeless designs.

Where to find Ten Points? 



Treches is a fashion label for men and women founded in 2008 by Norwegian designer Jeanette Bruneau Rossow. The concept is to mix “Geometrical shapes with contrasted colors”, creating a very typical urban style. They launch 2 collections per year, made exclusively out of GOTS cotton, hemp or animal friendly silk, and all produced in Brandenburg, Germany.

Where to find Treches?



Tricotage is a danish fashion brand for Women, based in Copenhagen and founded in 2012 by designers Karin Bjørneboe and Ida Anesdatter Schmidt. In a sustainable spirit, they create durable garments in a casual style, in Organic cotton or knitted wool, manufactured in Europe.

Where to find Tricotage?


Fair Trade

Ucon Acrobatics is a Berliner fashion label for men and women. Their collection are designed in their headquarters in Friedrichshain, and manufactured mainly in Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria. A small part of their garments is made in China, where they go regularly to make sure workers have good working conditions. Their style is urban, unisex, with original patterns and clear cuts.

Where to find Ucon Acrobatics?



Veja is known in France to be the most ecological and fashion shoes brand in that country. They work and sell in complete transparency for customers and you can find informations about how their shoes are made and where. Their prices are on top extremely reasonable for such quality. They buy organic cotton and wild rubber in Brazil, use vegetal tanned leather. And they are also known to not doing any advertising! Which obviously doesn’t restrain success.

Where to find Veja?



Wunderwerk is a german fashion label for men and women, based in Düsseldorf. Their founders have worked many years in fashion industry, which helped them to create this sustainable project. They wish to produce collections in full respect for men and nature at every level of their business and especially with fabrics: those come from Europe and are made of organic cotton, organic wool, Modal or Tencel.  They also support 2 charity projects per year.

Where to find Wunderwerk?


Fair Trade

Zeha is a very old and cult German shoes label, more precisely, it was THE sneakers brand in GDR. The brand story actually begins in 1897 but it grows mainly in East Germany over the years after. In 2002, Alexander Barré, helped by Torsten Heine, decides to adapt those unique shoes to contemporary trends and the myth went live again. All shoes and bags are handmade in fair conditions in Portugal and Slovakia and leather is vegetal tanned.

Where to find Zeha? 

And more to come…

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