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This page is the most visited page on Dress Me Guide Me, which makes me very happy because it proves the growing interest for stylish ethical fashion in Berlin.

The fashion labels featured here are all involved into fair fashion, from small efforts to high level integrity.

You can discover those brands, find the ones you like, get to know immediately about delivery fees and the current sales or offers they run.

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You’ll find billions of high quality posts on that topic on the Internet but basically because:

  • You will help to protect the environnement and maintain our natural ressources.
  • You will help to provide good work conditions for manufacturers from all over the world.
  • You will make an investment into clothes which last way much longer.
  • You will stop to harm your body with various chemicals.
  • You will help the ethical market to grow.

So much rewards right?

Besides the usual clothing categories, you will find the following:

Sustainable: has reached a balance between customers, workers and environment, which means the company will grow in the long term scales with a minimal footprint and social benefits improvement. The best.

Organic: focused on natural fabrics and materials, without any chemical, growing with a minimum ecological impact, for plants, soils and animals.

Local: locally produced or manufactured. That can also be a Danish brand producing in Europe because it’s still better working conditions laws that in India or Vietnam.

In progress: far away to fill the criteria to be a sustainable brand, those are companies doing some little steps toward a better industry. (Not our focus thought).

Those Brands have Offers for You!

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