For sure globalization is a real thing but there’s still a couple of details which don’t work the same way here and there. On top in Federal Germany, laws might be different depending on the Land and Berlin as the capital may have another bunch of specific rules. That’s way there’s a few things you need to know about shopping in Berlin.

Always get some Cash and jump on a cash machine when you see one

It might sounds weird for a big european capital like Berlin but basically you can’t buy anything with a credit card. Why is that ? It’s first a cultural thing, a specific way to deal with money and how you spend it. German are used to withdraw a big amount of cash for the whole week. You probably noticed how shocking it is to discover you lose it SO FAST when you do that but it’s for your own good.

Second reason is the credit cards terminals are quite expensive and are out of the question for small shops with small budget. Thanks to some brilliant start-up who invent a new type of terminal, things are changing but still, always keep cash with you in Berlin and if you see a cash machine, don’t think you’ll find another one later because it probably won’t happen.

A lot of small Shops are Closed on Wednesday

Yep, we are used to hear that Germany has an issue with birth rate but it’s certainly not the case in Berlin and as everyone knows, Wednesday is kid’s day.

Don’t Expect to have a last Minute Saturday Night Shopping

Of course if you go for big international fashion street brands you’ll find stores opened until late, for sure 7pm maybe 8pm. But you don’t want that right ?   So you should know that most of the cool, trendy and exclusive shops in Berlin close very early on Saturday: usually 5pm or 6pm, sometime even earlier. So don’t forget to check Dress Me Guide Me for the time opening. Neither an early birds shopping by the way, most of shops open at 12am or even later.

Sales in Berlin? Sometimes, sometimes not!

Sales are not regulated in Germany so stores and brands decide when they want to give discounts. Nonetheless, there’s still a main period for summer and winter sales. Winter sales start end of January until end of February and summer sales are usually in august. The first sales day is always a Monday.


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