About us

fashion-shopping-BerlinThat’s the question I’ve heard so many times from friends visiting me. Berlin is so big and full of nice little shops hidden everywhere.So it’s hard to know where to go. If you’re visiting the city, the crazy amount of things to do and places to see that each hour counts. Don’t lose it just crossing the city from point A to point B.

If you live here, you know Berlin is gigantic AND that things move constantly, so an updated treasure map can be quite useful…

Unlike what the fashion industry tends to make you believe, worthy fashion is not about trendy garments at cheap prices. Even though it’s interesting for you, and thus the producing brands, it’s probably not fair for the
workers who made it out of stuff that is bad for the environment. Worthy shopping is something that you like, good for your body, your bank account and overall good for your soul.

Dress Me Guide Me gathers numerous addresses in Berlin having “a supplément d’âme” as we say in french. Independent shops promoting talented designers, young labels, carefully selected 2nd hand clothes… More specifically you can find a list of sustainable fashion brands and where to buy it in Berlin, some alternative tours in Berlin, or a list of Fashion events in Berlin.


Dress Me Guide Me is a free & personal initiative, which aim to become collective. I’m currently working as a marketing manager, and have experience as a journalist (print & online) and I felt the need to start something on my own. Share if you like it and contact me if you want to join the project. Oh and by the way I’m French and I’m so sorry for my english!